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Lot Split Evaluation

How Do I Apply?

As part of the Lot Split process within the unincorporated areas of Lorain County, Lorain Soil & Water Conservation District conducts an evaluation of the site conditions of a parcel by evaluating soil types and conditions, locating any floodplain on-site, and observing any potential wetlands. ​

To apply for a Lot Split, all of the following items must be submitted to Lorain Soil & Water Conservation District at the time of application:​

  • A completed Lot Split Application Form.

  • Applicable fees (cash or check only made out to "Lorain County Commissioners") - based on split size.

  • Paper copy of the surveyor's map of the parcel to be split.

Exemptions from the Lot Split review may include: 

  • Parcels being split larger than 20 acres.

  • Sales to an adjoining landowner with combination only.

Fee Schedule

For lots 10 acres or less: $20.00 per split.

For lots greater than 10 acres: $30.00 per split.

Fees are assessed based on the acreage of the lots being split from the original parcel. For example, if you are splitting three, 1-acre parcels from an original 30-acre parcel, the fee would be $20.00 per split, for a total of $60.00.

The completed application packet can be submitted in person or by mail to:

42110 Russia Road, Elyria, OH 44035

For any questions regarding Lot Split Evaluations,

contact our office at 440-326-5800 or email Lynne Parsh at 

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