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Each year, the National Association of Conservation Districts holds a poster contest. The theme for 2024 is: "May The Forest Be With You Always"

Participating in the Conservation District Poster Contest is not just about artistry; it's a powerful way to engage our community and promote the mission of conservation. 

The NACD Poster Contest provides students from kindergarten through 12th grade a chance to have their art displayed nationally. 

All participants are encouraged to create posters that celebrate inclusivity and the importance of our natural resources.

Forest Trail
Forest Trail

2024 Theme:

"May The Forest Be With You Always"

Empowering All Voices. New to 2024:  Introducing the NACD Braille Poster Contest, a new addition inspired by a creative 6th-grade student from Tuscola Conservation District, Michigan. This inclusive competition invites blind and low-vision students in grades K-12 to participate, promoting accessibility and a fair experience. Contestants may use braille as well as written lettering and art to create posters that champion natural resource conservation, ensuring equal opportunities for all students, regardless of their visual abilities.

NACD is excited to announce a second addition for 2024: The Additional Assist Poster Contest. The Additional Assist Poster Contest is open to all students who may benefit from additional assistance in completing their posters. This contest promotes accessibility and embraces diversity by providing a platform for students of varying abilities to express their creativity and advocate for natural resource conservation.

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Downloadable Resources for Teachers and Soil & Water Districts

Education guides, poster contest materials, lesson plans, website/social media resources, & more below. 

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