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The 3 "S" Principles of Managing Stormwater

Water Drops


Slow it Down

Moving water can pose serious health and safety risks. It can be laden with trash, sediment, animal waste, chemicals like pesticides &/or fertilizers, and more.


Spread it Out

Give water more places to go instead of a single storm drain. You can do this by installing a rain garden or attaching a rain barrel to your house's downspout.


Soak it In

Allowing stormwater to soak into the ground will reduce pollution events like Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) in Lake Erie and erosion of stream & river banks.


What is Stormwater?

Water isn't the only thing carried into storm drains and into our local streams and rivers when it rains or when snow melts. Stormwater picks up litter and debris, automobile fluids and other hazardous chemicals, soils eroding off of disturbed areas, salts that de-ice our roads, pet waste, and anything else on the ground. The increase in construction is Lorain County has increased the amount of impervious surfaces (water cannot pass through) like driveways, parking lots, and buildings, providing less areas for water to soak into.

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Oberlin has a wealth of resources to help you understand and manage stormwater


Questions about your semi-annual stormwater fee on your property tax bill? This document can help.


This guide provides all you need to develop and implement a stormwater management plan for your property.

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The changes in land use associated with urban development affect flooding in many ways. 

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Trees & Stormwater

Trees are increasingly recognized for their importance in managing runoff. Learn more!


This report is one of a series of publications which describes findings of the NAWQA program on water-quality issues of regional and national concern. 

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Stormwater & cities aren't always a good mix, but they can be!


Sustainable stormwater management works to reconcile natural hydrology with human land use and development.

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Learn the truth about stormwater with this handy 1-page guide. Great for printing & sharing.

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This guide discusses common stormwater control measures (SCMs) approved for use in Ohio. 

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Green Stormwater Solutions for Congregations was written to help readers identify actions they can take to care for the environment.

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Surface water is the most recognizable part of the water cycle that we can see.

Learn more!

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Road de-icing, industrial activity, and other culprits are pushing salt levels in rivers and streams to alarming levels.

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