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Vision Statement

Lorain County Conservation District will be the primary source of technical information for anyone desiring knowledge of conservation issues pertaining to land use, soil, and water.


History of Lorain Soil & Water Conservation District

In February 1937, individual state legislatures considered language to establish an invocative idea — the formation of soil conservation districts. These conservation districts would stand independently and be administered locally. Within the same year 22 states passed enabling legislation.

In 1941, the 94th Ohio General Assembly passed House Bill 646, authorizing the formation of soil and water conservation districts to develop and implement programs to conserve soil, water and related programs. Between 1942 and 1963, soil conservation districts were formed in every county in Ohio. The Lorain Soil & Water Conservation District was established on July 24, 1948 and incorporated March 10, 1949.


Organization and Support of a Soil & Water Conservation District

SWCDs are legal entities of the State of Ohio and are administered by a board of five supervisors who serve three-year staggered terms. Funds are obtained from the local Board of County Commissioners and the State of Ohio, to support staff, office space and equipment. Technical, educational and program development support is provided by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, The Ohio Department of Natural Resources, and OSU Extension Service.


Holding Soil

Get to Know Us!

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