Fish Sales

The Lorain SWCD 2021 Spring Fish Sale order deadline is May 3rd. Order Pickup is on May 6th from 10:00-11:30 a.m. 

2021 Spring Sale has ended 
Fish Sale Order Form


What to Bring


You will need to bring a container filled with your pond water to pick up your order.  Approximately 5 gallons of water for each 100 fingerling size fish is needed.  We suggest using a trash can with a new plastic liner—then add the pond water so the top of the bag can be tied shut for transportation. Remember, the Amur are 10”-12” long and need a suitable container. 

Recommended Stocking Rates


Triploid White Amur are stocked to control leafy pond vegetation.  Algae is not a preferred food.  Since the Amur were first stocked in Ohio in the fall of 1987, you may need to replace your Amur.  The life expectancy is in the 10 to 12 year range.  Recommended stocking rates for the Amur are 2 to 5, per surface acre of water, based on how much weed cover is in the pond at its worst point over the summer.


Stocking recommendation for Largemouth Bass  is 100 and for Bluegill 500 per surface acre of pond area. Yellow Perch and Redear Sunfish (Shellcrackers) can be stocked at 100 per surface acre of pond as well.


Channel Catfish can be stocked in ponds that are half an acre or larger.   Catfish will not reproduce in a pond, however, they provide excellent fishing. The stocking rate is 50 per surface acre of pond area. A 4”-6” long Catfish stocked this spring will double in size by next spring.


Japanese Koi will eat aquatic vegetation  such as duckweed and water meal, while adding a little color to your pond. The recommended stocking rate is no more than 5 Koi per acre.

Nature’s Pond Conditioner is a once-a-year treatment that adds a natural green color, while lowering fertility levels in your pond.


We have also included in the fish sale, the opportunity to purchase Steve Fender’s book, titled “Pond Management” 2018 Edition for purchase at $20.00 each.