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Resources for Rain Gardens

What Is a Rain Garden?

A rain garden is a landscaped, shallow depression planted with native plants that captures, temporarily holds, and filters storm water back into the ground, preventing it from running off and ultimately reaching nearby streams, rivers, and ponds.


Though this is from Wisconsin, this useful guide is packed with info to help you build the perfect rain garden for your site.

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What you need to know when planning a rain garden.

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Time to go from dreaming to action! Choosing the site, shape, plants, and more.

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Helpful guide published here in Northeast Ohio. Hard copies available at our office - stop in & pick one up!

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Instructional video that can help you decide if a rain garden is right for you, the many styles of rain gardens,  & how to construct one.


Located in western PA, this site is packed with good information applicable here in Ohio.

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Become a certified Master Rain Gardener here in Ohio!


National Wildlife Federation can certify your yard/property as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat. Learn how! 

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A great site recommended by educator Ms. Platt & her resourceful students!

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