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Straw Blower Rental 




Lorain SWCD has received a grant from the 2009 Great Lakes Commission, Great Lakes Basin Program for Soil Erosion and Sediment Control to purchase a commercial Tailgate Straw-Mulcher. This grant is partially funded through a grant provided by the Great Lakes Commission with funds from the United States Department of Agriculture.



Lorain SWCD has purchased the commercial Tailgate Straw-Mulcher to rent to landowners in Lorain County. The mulcher is designed for all mid- to large-scale commercial and residential jobs with a capacity of shooting up to seven tons of straw per hour and shooting up to 35 feet out. Typically coverage is 40-45 bales of straw per acre.

Rental Cost 

The straw-mulcher has been mounted on a trailer for easy transportation. This unit is user friendly and can be operated easily with a short demonstration by district staff.

  • A cash deposit of $100.00 is required prior to use.

  • Rental fee is a minimum of $50.00 per half-day rental (4 hours or less). Time over four (4) hours will be billed at $15.00 per meter hours.

  • Payment for rental is cash or check. Sales tax will be collected.

  • Overnight usage – renter must arrange in advance. There is a $200.00 deposit for overnight usage.

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