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Resources: Bees

Ohio's native bees are adapted to our state's unique habitats and the flowering plants that occur here. Although non-native honey bees are vitally important to many US agricultural crops, restoring wild habitat near farms to welcome native bee species not only increases crop yield but also makes honeybees more efficient pollinators. 

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This fact sheet provides key features needed to identify 10 types of bees found in our Ohio home landscapes.


Colorful, 2-page pdf to help you identify bees you may find here in Ohio.

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Ohio Division of Wildlife produces a series of guidebooks to assist in identifying wildlife & plant species. 


This 126 page guide contains information on how to identify bee genera of Ohio using binoculars.


With thoughtful planning & planting, you can provide a season-long procession of native flowering plants. This handy guide can help.

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The USGS Native Bee Inventory and Monitoring Program designs surveys for native bees and develops identification tools and keys for native bee species.

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Learn about species of bees that will use cavities such as plant stems, dead wood, or homemade bee houses.


Learn about species of bees that will nest in the ground with this beautiful page from Heather Holm (link to more info).

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This booklet contains a wealth of information about native bees, their habitat requirements, and conservation strategies to increase their numbers on farms. 

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Educating the public about the value of honeybees and the impact honeybees have on our world for over 100 years.

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