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The Lorain Soil & Water Conservation District is dedicated to serving the agricultural community of Lorain County. If we can be of any assistance, please contact our office at 440-326-5800

Red Tractor in Field
Cover Crops

Cover Crops can provide many benefits such as erosion protection, improved water quality, weed suppression, reduced compaction, increased yield potential, improved soil structure 

Agricultural Pollution Abatement Program

The statewide standards for farming and animal feeding operations are found in Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 901:13-1. The purpose of these standards is to reduce pollution of waters of the state by soil sediment, animal manure and residual farm products. 

Common violations of these rules include:

  • Overflow and discharge from animal manure collection, storage or treatment facilities,

  • Manure contaminated runoff from feedlots and manure management facilities,

  • Pollution from other waste waters, such as milk house waste water or silage leachate,

  • Excessive erosion

  • Pollution occurring from the land application of manure 

  • Improper composting of animal mortality


If you have an agricultural pollution related concern please contact our office at 440-326-5800 or the ODA's APAP Administrator 614-265-6691 

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