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Lorain SWCD ESC Homebuilder Guidance

Regulation Background

Lorain County Erosion and Sediment Control Rules were written, drafted, and composed by Lorain County Commissioners, Lorain County Prosecutor, Lorain SWCD, Lorain County Engineer, Lorain County Health Department, Lorain County Community Development, and Ohio EPA. Resolution meets OEPA mandates for erosion and sediment control as required by Phase II of the NPDES Permit of the Clean Water Act. This is a requirement of the U.S. EPA and Ohio EPA and is regulated and enforced by the Lorain County Commissioners.

Who does this apply to?

The Lorain County ESC Rules apply to all construction projects in unincorporated areas of Lorain County. Plans must be submitted and permits pulled for all projects one (1) acre or larger in size and all projects within a common plan of development - i.e., all sublots. Municipal regulation procedural requirements differ slightly but the BMP requirements are the same.

Plan submittal and review

Submit two (2) copies of the ESC site plan, a completed and signed application, and appropriate fee to Lorain SWCD office. Make checks payable to Lorain County Commissioners. Reviews will be completed within 21 days. Upon approval you will be issued an approval letter that you must submit to the Lorain County Community Development Department and your township-zoning official. Copies of the approval letter will be forwarded to Community Development and the township-zoning inspector by the Lorain SWCD.

What are homebuilder's responsibilities?

Installation and maintenance of all ESC BMPs on site plan including: Stone construction entrance – 2" stone or larger only with an underlain Geo-textile fabric. Temporary seeding and straw mulching of right-of-way – a full 30' from the curb. All required areas must be seeded the entire duration of project until yard is installed. All ESC controls must remain in place until all work is done and lawn is in place and growing. Silt fence where applicable – see site plan (trenched in & stakes on the downside slope). Yard drain inlet protection – standard wood framed inlet protection or approved prefab products (see detail).

Policies that affect homebuilders

No home sites can be started in a subdivision that is not in compliance with the Lorain County Erosion and Sediment Control Rules. No approvals will be granted for a homebuilder that has existing projects that are out of compliance with the Lorain County Erosion and Sediment Control Rules.

Download a PDF version of this Homebuilder Guidance Sheet.


August 24, 2017