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Filter Strip


  • a strip or area of vegetation situated between cropland, grazing land, or disturbed land and environmental sensititve areas, such as a stream.


  • Reduce sediment, particulate organics, and sediment absorbed contaminants in runoff.
  • To restore, create or enhance herbaceous habitat for wildlife and beneficial insects.
  • To maintain or enhance watershed functions and values.


  • Filter strips width is determined by the amount of sheet flow flowing across the filter area. Width can very from 33 to 60 feet.

Incentive payment

  • $200 per acre per year for the grant period.
  • Expected life of practice 10 years.

Grassed Waterway


  • A natural or constructed channel that is shaped or graded to required dimensions and established with suitable vegetation.


  • To convey runoff from water concentrations without causing erosion or flooding.
  • To repair and prevent gully erosion.
  • To protect and improve water quality.


  • Minimum capacity shall be required to convey the peak runoff expected from a storm of 10 year frequency. Typical size is 30 ft wide by 1 ft deep.
Incentive payment
  • Up to $5000/Acre not to exceed 75% of the state average cost for the typical practice.
  • Expected life of practice 10 years.
  • Additional supporting practices may be required, also with available incentive payments.

Cover Crops

  • Crops including grasses, legumes and forbs for seasonal cover and other conservation purposes. An annual crop that is not intended to be harvested but can be taken off as forage. It is typically grown in the non productive season between grain crops.
  • Reduce erosion from and water.
  • Increase soil organic matter.
  • Capture and recycle or redistribute nutrients in the soil profile.
  • Promote biological nitrogen fixation.
  • Weed suppression.
  • Provide supplemental forage.
  • Soil moisture management.
  • Minimize and reduce soil compaction.
Incentive payment
  • $35 per acre for the first 25 acres (to include seed and ground prep or aerial application).
  • $40 per acre for acres beyond 25 acres.



  • A permanent constructed barrier to animals or people. This practice applies to permanent fencing with a minimum functional design life of 20 years. The practice does not include portable fencing.
  • To exclude animals from a stream or environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Does not include perimeter fencing or field splits.
  • Incentive payment
    • 75% of the state average cost or up to $1.00 per foot for 2 strands of electric minimum.
    • Expected life of practice 20 years.
    Watering system if needed to replace a stream-based watering source.
    • 75% of the state average cost or up to $500 per system.

Equipment Rental

    Zone Tillage:
    • Reimbursement for equipment rental at $10 per acre with a maximum of 50 acres. Must have 30% planting.
    Vertical Tillage:
    • Reimbursement for equipment rental at $15 per acre with a maximum of 50 acres. Must have 30% residue at planting.